In our latest edition we would like to introduce you to our newest Gold partner ‘Clarizen’ the cloud-based project management solution who are Gold Sponsors of Synergy 2017. Clarizen are a collaborative work management solution designed for people who value their time, and for organisations that value cross-company engagement. It is built on a secure, scalable platform, Clarizen brings together project management, configurable worklow automation and in-context collaboration to create a meaningful engagement experience that allows everyone to work the way they work best.

As the leader in enterprise-class work collaboration, and purpose-built to address the needs of today’s complex project management, Clarizen can help you get there. From delivering on high impact initiatives to reporting on what the business cares about, Clarizen empowers fast moving project management teams to make the most of their resources.

Clarizen helps to close the gap that separates strategic decisions from project execution and extends the value and influence organisations beyond day-to-day project and portfolio management. Taking full control of your projects and providing you with the visibility you need.

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