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Presenting: Introduction with Agility
by Didi Hopkins (Facilitator)

Our compere for the day combines theatre practice with management styles to help us as delegates to “define and deliver our expectations and bring our hidden strengths into the arena”.

A member of the senior management training programme at the Royal National Theatre in London, home to classic drama and Shakespeare productions, Didi designs and facilitates tailor-made leadership sessions with a range of corporate clients.An actor and director in the UK and Europe in TV, film and theatre, Didi’s business themes are communication, creativity, innovation and inspiring performance.


Presenting: Portfolios – Enhancing Strategic Dialogue
by Prof Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Antonio is one of the top keynote speakers in the global Strategy Execution circuit having appeared on the same platform with the likes of Bob Kaplan, founder of the Balanced Scorecard.He has been a champion of project management and strategy implementation and been an eloquent advocate for the fact that project management is the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds from the C-suite, right up to managing your career or relationships.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez is Director of Program Management Office at GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. In 2013, Antonio was elected as director of the global Board of Directors of the Project Management Institute. Currently he is PMI’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.



Presenting: Portfolios – Creating a culture of succes
by Robin Sieger

Robin Sieger is a successful businessman, bestselling author, and broadcaster. He is a leading success strategist and developed a reputation within media and circles as a peak performance expertRobin was born in Glasgow and moved south to attend Surrey University where he studied Human Biology. He then went on to become a successful comedy writer.

It was however, ten years ago after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, that Robin became fascinated by the human potential, success, well-being and peak performance. Robin inspires people to believe that all of these conditions are achievable and are within the reach of those willing to make the commitment.



Presenting: Portfolios – Earned Value. Why wouldn’t you?
by Patrick Kennerson

A popular presenter with an encyclopaedic knowledge on the subject, Patrick enjoys a well-earned reputation as the guru of project controls.Formerly Programme Controls Director for Mott MacDonald, Patrick is a highly experienced programme controls system architect. He commands a comprehensive technical knowledge of all aspects of project controls disciplines, ranging from planning and scheduling to earned value analysis, cost management and estimating.

Patrick has a strong reputation for formulating and implementing strategies to identify, analyse, and resolve poor performance of existing control systems.



Presenting: Portfolio – Why do we need to talk about fairness in projects?
by Christine Unterhitzenberger

As a child, Christine was fascinated by the hive of activity at construction sites she was taken to by her Civil Engineer father during school holidays. At that time, it seemed magical that every person on site knew exactly what their role was and executed them to perfection. Over time this “magic” evolved gradually into Christine’s lifelong passion, construction project management.

Christine finds it very inspiring to work with a multi-disciplinary team to develop buildings that have an influence on society. Being a project manager is akin to being the conductor of an orchestra – being dependent on the project team, but realizing the project team is also dependent on you and when you work together you are part of something bigger.Christine will share learnings from her research project on dealing with difficult stakeholders.



Presenting: Portfolio-Powerful Communication and Deaf Tips
by Dr Bruno Paul Kahne:

In December 2006, while developing a leadership program for Airbus Air Business Academy where he is Head of the Leadership Faculty, Bruno Kahne was introduced to sign-language and the silent culture of deaf people.Bruno realized that through their “handicap,” deaf people had developed communication skills more thoroughly than most hearing people, which made them uncommonly effective at getting their point across.

Thus a radical experiment was born: to bring in deaf people as communication consultants for corporate clients, not to teach clients sign language but to help them adopt communication skills from the deaf world that would make them better colleagues and managers.Bruno is now the author of “Deaf-Tips, powerful communication” and leads a team of experts in Human Performance.



Presenting: Portfolio-The impact of law on an under-rated art
by Sarah Schütte

Confident and competent contract and commercial management and a focus on putting law in its practical and purposive context equips clients and delegates with accurate knowledge and essential skills to deliver projects.

This is the creed of Sarah Schütte a solicitor-advocate and legal and training consultant who works with a wide variety of industry clients, seminar organisers and educational establishments to support their projects, disputes, corporate and project risk management and insurance strategies and training programmes.Sarah has a particular interest in psychology, and how project outcomes are affected by behaviour and culture.



The London Mozart Players will provide powerful insights to leadership, teamwork and tackling conflict. Founded by Harry Blech in 1949 as the UK’s first chamber orchestra, the London Mozart Players (LMP) has achieved international renown for its outstanding live performances and CD recordings of the core Classical repertoire. Music Directors have included Gérard Korsten, Andrew Parrott, Matthias Bamert and Jane Glover, who grew and developed the orchestras strong Classical tradition.

The LMP enjoys connections with Hilary Davan Wetton as Associate Conductor, and Howard Shelley as Conductor Laureate, and continues to work closely with many of the world’s finest conductors and soloists, including Tasmin Little and Anthony Marwood.